Passion Never Dies: How Hard Did Aging Really Hit You?

A viral challenge has been going around recently and they call it as the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You?”. It was fun to see the before and after photos shared. Most of it was about the physical changes that happened to them years ago. I wanted to join the craze, but I am not into posting pictures of me online. Yes, I use Facebook only for the purpose of being updated about my friend’s lives and I have Instagram as an outlet for my love of capturing the moments. Aside from that, I am actually slacking my butt off.

Aging really hit me hard, though not physically, I felt it in my soul. Maybe,  I just worked hard for the past years that I almost forgot what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I took one day at a time as if it was a routine. I worked hard because I thought it was what would give me happiness and I was wrong. I focused so much to obtain career growth and set aside what I am passionate about.


I am not the technical type of person. I am always the creative one and my right brain is  really dominating. I love to write (which I am not good at, but passionate about), to sing, to take camera shots and to draw. All of it was put into hiatus. All of it was because of me. I am to blame because I let my passion fade away. I thought it was gone forever. But, I just realized today, that passion never dies. It is there and will always be a part of you. You just have to wait for that one big push to re-ignite the fire. You can rest for as long as you want. But, never give up! Trust His timing.

My 1 year of floating ends now. I am back!


I thank my Mama for waking me up right before I get into deep sleep, WordPress for sending me an e-mail which I read after my mom woke me up, for AC (a YouTuber who did Instagram stories last night and talked about how passion never dies), and for  Diane Go for giving me that one big push. All of it made me take a leap and I hope you will join me as I inspire one soul at a time.

XO, Tippy

P.S. Share with me your inspiring story of aging hits.

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  1. teybolforwan says:

    Nice! Welcome back! Never let your passion die! 🙂


    1. Thank you ! Will definitely keep it burning.

      Liked by 1 person

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