5 Tips On How To Make Food Look Yummy

Two years ago, I started food photography as a hobby. I was then using my iPhone 6s Plus as gear and wasn’t really so serious about it. Then, the longer I am doing the “hobby”, the more I understand how things should go. Food Photography is not just about taking shots. For others it is just a waste of time and a disrespect to food because we touch it and play with it. But for us foodies, it is an art wherein we really put a lot of effort and time to master. Hundreds of camera clicks and long hours of styling is not a joke. I am still a beginner and still learning on how to have that perfect food shot. I, also, would like to take this opportunity to thank FoodMNL Studios for having me as their Brand Ambassador. It is because of them that I was able to connect with my camera.

In no particular order, I will give you five (5) basic tips on how to make food look yummy. These are not technical stuff and I won’t be able to teach you about it because I am still on entry-level. But, I can give you advice on what to do to improve. These are what I thought one has to keep in mind.


Whenever there is chance, make sure that you practice because food photography is a skill that needs to be sharpened every time. When you eat, take a shot and do not hesitate. Capture the taste, the aroma, and the texture through your camera lens because you have to be able to convey a story to your viewers. It should reflect in your photos and if this is your passion, you want to be better at it, then practice.  Always remember that you are a visual story-teller and that people won’t hear you talking about the crispness of a chicken. They have to see that it is delicious through your photo shots. Nothing can be done overnight, most especially if it is a skill. Everyone needs constant polishing from time to time.


Do not be confined of what others are telling you. You have to explore and experiment on new things. Pour the sauce if you must, spread the dip as you like. Do  not just take a shot of a food on a plate. It should be fun and delicious at the same time. Shoots are more fun when you experiment. Use your hands to create a different perspective for your viewers.


People say that patience is a virtue and it is , indeed, applicable to food photography because it takes multiple clicks before you get that million dollar photo. It will test your ability to not be angry or upset when you failed to get the right shot. Sometimes it is overexposed or out of focus but, you have to keep clicking. Making it a trial and error kind-of-thing. Sometime you will get that perfect shot in just 1 click, but most of the time you really have to be patient.


I included WORKSHOP as a tip because I tell you, I am not good with the camera technicalities and food photography basics. I am the literally running out of passion without any knowledge at all. So, I decided to attend FoodMNL Studios Workshops about basic food photography, visual story telling, etc.. It was then that I was able to understand more about my camera and food that I am shooting. In one of the classes that I attended, almost half were professional photographers already who have their own studios. Yet, they say that they want to learn more about food photography because it requires a different approach. There were also chefs who wants to learn more on how to make their food more enticing in pictures.


Invest time on yourself and your camera. Believe that you can do this because no one was born with a very sharp eye for good picture. After a few workshops, my friends were already noticing improvements with my shots. Yes, the workshop helped. But, it is believing in me that really made a huge difference. Always believe in yourself and in others, that you will all be good photographers of food. Keep in mind Peter Pan’s quote about flying.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it
– Peter Pan



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  1. teybolforwan says:

    I agree! Nakita ko talaga na nag-improve yung photos mo even before the workshop na inattendan mo. 🙂 Keep on going! And, I love that last photo. Hahaha.


    1. Awww. Thank you so much !!! Love the last photo too !

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