Pizza Hut Brings Home The Bacon

Pizza Hut is getting meaty and cheesy this love month with their Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza. This is actually making me happy inside and out because I have always been a fan of bacon. Who wouldn’t be ? It is the best thing ever! Pizza Hut has made the perfect combination and they even  added more of it in their Bacon Margherita Pan Pizza. Their Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Crust is made up of 100% mozzarella and bacon bits for a chewy texture plus they also topped it off with cheddar.

According to a poll made by Serious Eats, most of the respondents rank crust as the highest and the most important part of a pizza. Therefore, Pizza Hut always makes sure that for every pizza coming out of the oven, the dough is freshly made. So, for whatever purchase you may get, your Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Crust is guaranteed fresh and delicious. Now, you can fully enjoy eating your pizza backwards. Start from the crust and enjoy every bite.

This is hot and fresh from the oven of Pizza Hut. They have an Instagram giveaway going on and the mechanics are as follows:

“Have a bite & share with us on IG what you love most about this delicious treat. Post a photo while enjoying this pizza treat from February 11-14, tag us at @PizzaHutPhils and use hashtag #PizzaHutPH. Who knows? You might just win a FREE PIZZA TREAT from us for you and a special +1”

What are you waiting for? Try out Pizza Hut’s Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza now!

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  1. teybolforwan says:

    Literal na bacon. Nice!


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