Beauty Hack: Sample Size v.s. Full Size

I have always loved skin care products and all things related with making the face look better. But, most of the time, products are not compatible with my oily skin and most of the time it just makes problem. I occasionally have pimples on my chin and side cheeks. That is why it is very important for me to try first a product in sample sizes rather than buying the full size. And, this is where Sample Room Ph enters the scene.

What Is Sample Room Ph?

Sample Room offers you free product sampling. They are interactive and they make sure that your insights are highly valued. Your reviews will be posted on the site and other consumers can read it. With that, you can help other beauty and health enthusiasts in choosing the right product that fits them. You are both saving your skin and your money with Sample Room as they will not charge you of any of the product’s cost, but you have to shoulder the shipping fee.

My First Purchase

My first purchases were Rexona’s Fresh Rose Deodorant, Pond’s Age Miracle, and Cream Silk’s Hair-fall Defense Conditioner. I love all the products and I can really see my shipping fee’s worth. Every item that I got fits me and my preference when it comes to the smell, texture, and after 1 week usage effect. I am sure that when I finish the samplers, I will buy the full-sized products.


Payment Options

There are a lot of payment options that they offer, but cash-on-delivery is not one of it. You can secure payments via bank transfers (BPI, BDO), GCash, Smart Padala, PayMaya, and PayPal. I prefer to use PayPal because it is the easiest for me. You just need to enter the card details and you are already billed out. Sample Room Ph uses a weight based shipping so it will really vary from the weight of your checked-out items.


The Catch

In exchange of all these products, Sample Room Ph and partner brands are expecting that you will personally use the products for at least 5 days consecutively and write as honestly as possible without putting bias over the concerned entities. If you like it, make the readers feel how you felt while using the product. But, if you did not like the product, refrain from using derogatory or foul words.

If you want to try Sample Room Ph, just contact me and I will refer you.

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