Ippudo: Mushroom Ramen

Ramen has made a big comeback in the spotlight last year, 2018. Ramen bars emerging and everyone were swiftly getting hooked of its savory and flavorful taste. One can easily be addicted with just the rich broth and perfectly cooked noodles. Although, a little bit salty and oily, Filipinos are embracing the foreign noodle dish. And, as a food lover who is in constant search for something new, I have stumbled upon Ippudo Philippines.

Ippudo has made a private tasting event for their newest ramen, Mushroom Ramen. Their goal is to cater to those who want something lighter than the ones in the market. The soup is made out of mushroom and stirring away from the pork broth. It is my first ever encounter of a ramen without the pork- based broth, but believe me, you will love this. Although, you might look for the taste of pork broth on your first sip.

Ippudo Philippines has made a lot of effort to give something to look forward to. Their Mushroom Ramen is made out of three types of mushrooms (Shimeji, Enoki, and White button mushroom). It is actually a good choice for a ramen flavor most especially if you want it to be light withought compromising the taste. They also topped it off with braised silken tofu, spring onions, ajikikurage, miso, sprouts, and garlic oil – making the dish more fun and quirky.

Ippudo Philippine’s Mushroom Ramen is will be available starting February 18, 2019.

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