10 Tips For Your First Sagada Trip

It was my first time in Sagada last weekend and I wish I knew more about the trip. This is not just about the itineraries and accommodation, but also about the first hand tips that will surely be handy when you visit the place. Just a disclaimer, I went there and had a DIY Sagada adventure with my family. Our accommodation is pre-booked and we have our own car for transportation.


There are a lot of transient houses in Sagada that you can book by walk-in, but, during peak season and long weekends, it is much better if you pre-book it weeks before your trip. To prevent hassle and boarding problems, look for a house that your friend already recommends. We were so lucky that we were referred to Sagada Greenhills and the long drive became worth it. I will be putting below my Sagada Trip video.

Sagada Greenhills is  a 3 storey lodge that can house big groups (20+) of people. It has 3 bath and toilet rooms, 1 living and 1 dining room, 1 open kitchen, and 1 garden wherein you can bon fire at night after a long day of trekking. There’s 3 bedrooms and an attic with a lot of beds and windows.


This is very important to know. Have enough cash and do not forget to also bring credit and debit cards with you for emergency. Some restaurants in Sagada can now accommodate card transactions and it will be easier for you if you prefer the cashless mode of payment.  At the Municipal Information Center, I saw a DBP ATM where you can use your VISA and MasterCard to withdraw.


Sagada is a very long drive from Manila. Therefore, make sure that you are wearing your most comfortable clothes while travelling. Have a jacket and neck pillow at hand just in case you want to doze off to sleep. Bringing an eye mask can also be handy.


No matter how strong you are in terms of long drives, keeping a first aid kit is very basic. Include motion sickness medicines, motion sickness bags, anti-mosquito bite patches, paracetamol, bowel medicines, wound and scratch first aid etc. You can also bring your portable BP app, digital thermometer, and nebulizer. Always remember that health is wealth and to fully enjoy any trip, you should always be ready.


If you wish to book a sunrise view at the famous Marlboro Hill and see the sea of clouds, come in early at their Municipal Information Center because they can only accommodate 1000 hikers a day. Each tourist must log their name and pay a registration fee worth 50 Php each. They have people assigned there to discuss details and activities that will fit your schedule. It is a first come, first serve basis, so be early.


Expect 10+ hours of drive so bring the basics. Have water for the car, bottled drinking water for each passenger, extra clothes aside from your 3 day OOTDs, flashlights, and snacks. Bring finger foods and chips because it will be a long  ride up and down Sagada. There are gas stations along the way, but not all have convenient stores. Include chocolate bars for instant energy and sugar rush.


Cover yourself. It’s cold most of the time so pack your jackets with you. Socks can warm your feet and you can also bring your scarf and bonnet. During the hike, I realized that it is much better if you wear leggings/ jogging pants instead of shorts. Do not forget to pack long sleeves that you can wear during the hike to prevent scratches on your skin and insect bites. Also, wear proper footwear  to lessen slip incidents.


Make the memories count and last with the help of your handy phone, SLR, and/ or your action cams because it is so nice to look back and reminisce  the fun times with your family. Just make sure that in every gadget you bring, you must also bring you the chargers. We are so lucky that Sagada Greenhills have a lot of sockets.  But, just in case, bring the following with you:

  • power banks / battery case
  • extension cord
  • phone charger
  • usb rechargeable lamp
  • socket adaptors
  • extra batteries


Do not forget to weather check so you can be prepared. Also, do not continue your plans if you know that there’s a forecast of heavy rainfall. Sagada is a dangerous ride because of possibilities of falling rocks and other road hazards like sharp curves and steep slopes. Before the ride, check the breaks and signal lights of your car. Have your engines checked weeks before your trip.  It is better to be safe than sorry. We also encountered fogging of the windshield from the inside. To prevent that, you can use anti-fogging wipes or just lather shaving cream all over the windshield.

10. PRAY

Do not forget to pray before each trip. You will be needing that extra guidance for sure.



Ms. Mariflor 0915-0490055
Mr. Jhune 0945-3265270

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  1. teybolforwan says:

    Need ko to! Matagal ko na pinaplano pumunta ng Sagada.


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