Yougurt (You Got) Me At Hello

Finally ! The yogurt-loving, sweet-craving, sour-hating kiddo in me was revived by my newest discovery. Found Q House randomly on Instagram and I immediately grabbed the chance to have a taste of their delicious selection of snacks and desserts.

STORE: Q House

LOCATION: Uptown Mall, Taguig


OPEN: mall hours

INSTAGRAM: @qhouseallday


SUPERBOWL froyo pot (Php 195)

– strawberry banana smoothie

– kiwi & cereal toppings

– frozen yogurt

COFFEE BREAK milkshake (Php 195)

– espresso shot

– chocolate crinkle

FOUR CHEESE savory qizza (Php 195)

– mozzarella

– parmesan

– cream cheese

– local cheese



– They are very easy to spot on because the café is located inside Uptown Mall, Taguig (4/F). I love that they got the top floor of Tower 1 where they are facing the sun (not directly, but sunlight can pass through). It is near the mall chapel. So, after feeding the soul, you can immediately feed your tummy.


–  The place is very cozy. You can stay here and relax all day (literally). I love that it is indoor but feels like outdoor due to the big transparent walls. I hope that it stays that way because it makes the place look more spacious.


– I can say that they really made it look all natural and they even used earth complimenting tones. You can basically see colors with touch of white, green, and gold. The place is very Instagram-able and my only tip for you is to visit them after lunch or when the sun is still up.


– It is competitive to other yogurt / snack café. Taste is very much on point. I highly recommend their yogurt selection because they infuse smoothies, yogurt, and fresh fruits in one bowl. Very handy, also, if you plan to have it while window shopping. You are getting your money’s worth with this one.

You can visit them on Instagram @qhouseallday .

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