10 Restaurants To Visit This Dad’s Day

Hello! Tippy here and once again I am sharing with you my food experience and insights. This is a little bit exciting because out of the 365 days of the year, there is a special day allotted for the two persons who put us into this world and this coming Sunday, it is for our Dads. We may call them differently and we may see them tough at times, but these Dad’s surely are soft on the inside. In search of the best places to treat our fathers, I have stumbled upon some restaurants for us to enjoy. Listed below are 10 restaurants that you might want to consider celebrating Dad’s Day. Everything listed is brought to us by SM Supermalls and SM North Edsa. Most of the restaurants can be found at their new building, North Towers.


LOC: Ground Level, SM North Towers

Unleash the monster in you and enjoy Fantastic Baka’s unlimited meat, unlimited side dishes, and unlimited drinks for only 499. All their meats are freshly cut per order and everything is premium which includes thin belly, rack, jowl, skirt, seasoned bulgogi, and many more. Imagine having all the finest meats for a very affordable price.


LOC: Ground Level, SM North Towers

There’s three dishes here that you must try. An upscale restaurant and after trying, I now know why. Top on my list is their Angus Prime Rib Eye. It is 1,488 per order and if you will ask me, yes, it is worth my money. My hands are also up for their Foie Gras with Fuji apple reduction sauce.


LOC: Second Level, SM North Towers

If you are craving for a little bit of Italian, this is the place for you. They have wide selections of pasta and pizza. If you also wish to partner it up with wine, they have a wine cellar that offers merlot, moet and the likes.


LOC: Second Level, SM North Towers

A medieval themed casual dining restaurant offering mostly steaks and beef. A tough meal for Dads. I love their Rib Eye Steak, it is tender and cooked medium well (the way I wanted it to be). And a quick shout out to their mashed potato with mushroom gravy, it is the best!



LOC: Second Level, SM North Towers

I am going to be more elaborate on this one. Everything they serve is near to perfection. The seafood is fresh and they really show it to you on their stand. They have this dampa feels but without the hassle of feeling like you are on a wet market. It’s an upscale dampa restaurant which also offers ribs on the side. Both their seafood and meat are to die for. I can’t wait for you to try their mud crabs.


LOC: Second Level, SM North Towers

Xin chao! Be transported to Vietnam as Bawai’s restaurant will surely bring to your table their fresh green dishes, pho and banh-mi. The restaurant is Instagram worthy and the ambiance is calming. You are definitely getting your money’s worth.


LOC: Second Level, SM North Towers

Spanish dishes coming your way because they serve the obvious, paellas! Another casual dining with limited seats but worth lining up for. I loved their Crispy Kare-kare and Paella Valenciana. Their paellas are for sharing so bring your friends with you and be blessed with Bless Las Paellas’s dishes.


LOC: Fourth Level, SM North Edsa – The Block

Anything with tea is in, nowadays. After a long day of eating and walking around the mall. Make sure to refresh with Flamingo Bloom’s fruit teas and milk teas. The place is so pink and filled with flamingos. Definitely a store that levels up the Instagram worthy game. There’s plenty of seats for everyone. So, do not forget to drop by and say hi to the flamingos.


LOC: Ground Level, SM North Edsa – The Block

Hui Lau Shan is here now in the Philippines and I am proud to say that they are using Carabao Mangos from us. It is a Hong Kong based fast casual dessert store and one of the fastest growing dessert shop here. They have mango mochi, mango pudding and many more.


LOC: Upper Ground Level, SM North Edsa – Main Building

Burgers here are dubbed as one of the best and when I tried it, I agreed. This store in particular has limited seats available but is worth waiting for. The service is superb. They have very attentive servers, food is delicious and you must try their Foie Gras burger.

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