Detour: Davao Trip Gone Wrong (in all the right ways)

Have you ever experienced planning your whole trip and everything went haywire. Like you overslept and missed a daytour or planned to visit a resort in another island but is closed for renovation? That’s what happened to us. Our reaction, devastated — a weeklong of planning went down the bin. We were supposed to be visiting Eden Nature Park & Resort for their extreme outdoor activities, most especially their Skyswing but didn’t meet the cut-off time and the famous giant slide at Maxima Aquafun is under renovation.



Instead of sulking and sinking, we opened our minds to having a little bit of change in our itinerary. Missing out Eden Nature Park & Resort is not an option so we pushed through and availed their Dinner Buffet Package. It was the most realistic choice at that time and it paid off. The place was picture perfect and mesmerizing. It feels like you are in a deep forest adventure where trees are tall and fog is everywhere. There’s this one outdoor activity, free of charge, powered by pulleys and ropes. Simple yet we were able to enjoy it.

EDEN NATURE PARK & RESORT – pulley & rope ride down the slope

Food in Eden was okay. They have the usual soup-salad-viand-rice-fruits set up and servers/staff were very accommodating. A free shuttle service from the dining hall to the main gate is provided. All in all, the experience was fun, calm, and satisfying. So much better than staying at the hotel and sulking for not meeting the planned itinerary.

Waring: another roadblock ahead! Just when we thought that once is enough, we were informed that Maxima Aquafun was undergoing renovation and their famous giant slide was non operational. According to locals, the resort has been closed for weeks already. Same thing with what happened to Eden, we pushed through and visited Samal Island nevertheless. That was when we were able to know about Secdea Beach Resort. A resort that you cannot easily find on Google but known by locals as one of the most beautiful resorts in the island. Price is very reasonable and everything there was perfect! The resort was clean, buffet was superb, and water was clear blue. They even have this amazing inflatable island that is not crowded and has no queue.


We learned from this trip that roadblocks were made to lead you to a better path. Do not think of it as a hindrance to your plans but a detour to a more exciting and more fun experience. In life, not everything can go according to your list and most of the time, you will be having side trips and detours. It will make you better and stronger each time. Just be patient, go with the flow and just keep swimming. It will not make you less of a person if you go with the flow. What matters is that you are moving forward.


Hungry Manila

You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.

– Yoshihiro Togashi



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