Hola, Amigo!

I am Tippy of  Hungry Manila and this  is my Passion Project.


I dream to touch others through the blog and may it, somehow, lead you to your very own passion project. I want you to see the world the way I see it. It may not always be full of fun and happy articles, but it will surely lead us to being a better person each day.

Day Job:

I work at one of the world’s best hospital and I am proud to be an Oncology Nurse. It may sound sad, gloomy, and dull. But, being with cancer patients made me appreciate a lot of things. They are one of my many treasures in life. I am so lucky to be surrounded by brave souls.


On the side, I eat (literally). I attend food tasting events, Media Night of restaurants, launch of this and that. I, also, accept PR packages for S&M businesses and take beautiful shots. I send it to them afterwards so they can use it as a material for social media because I support local and start-up brands. I want them to grow and prosper.


Sometimes, I also go on short trips and to whatever meets the budget. I have tips and personal insights (hope you will like it). I am not a backpacker type. But, I hope you will like the dibs about my adventures.

That is it, for now. May we continue to inspire each other.

XO, Tippy